Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Well hello there!=) 

Right, sorry for no posts for a coupla days thar. But here we go again! 

Been listening to this for a while now:

Good stuff. 

Aaah & peeps check this out! (if you haven't found it already)

this one is great! :

this bit in particular=) 

Wow! Blows me away! N there're so many great clips on that site! They're incredibly cool video/film art! The intros, like in this one with the café n the chatter n clinking plates & cutlery n the credits n everything. Just brilliant! I hope to do something as cool some day! 
I don't know too many bands represented but there sure is lots to dig n discover! Fantastic

So yeah saw good ol Lanegan on Sunday n he was brilliant, as usual. I don't think I've ever seen him not be brilliant.. but this time it sort of struck home how good he is. The sounds were clear crispy n he really delivered with style n passion I'd say. N a few times he looked into the audience n it actually seemed like he was singing right to you. It was really cool. Great show n really cool to get to see him again. Hopefully some day I'll get to jam with the ol crooner;) 

here's the video for The Gravedigger's Song:

n this one is one of me all time favorites:

't were a good nite!

On Monday I got me some good stuff from Natura Zone in Helsinki. 

This here:

and some of this here:

n some of these:

and a couple of these:

and I coulda bought tons n loads more good stuff! Highly recommended to those of yous in HKI or if your just visiting. Good, cheaper that most other health shops around, friendly ol teddybear shop keeper, good stuff, central. Great place!

N I got home n took the doggy out n didn't even do much n it was incredibly late ( like it is now too..=s) 

Then yesterday I met up with an old friend n we went to see Michael Winslow (the noise dude from Police Academy etc.) in HKI. He was great! SUch a crazy guy. N quite interesting to get to see him cos I used to (as I imagine many others have too..) dig him as kid n try n make the same kinds of noises n such n then here he is years years later, Larvelle Jones, live on stage. Pretty cool=) 

(sorry couldn't find  a better one for the occasion..)

Here's a couple of cool things to check out:

(sorry for the shabby quality..) 

N this is brilliant too!

These guys've got some good tunes rolling too:

Here, it's so darn late again that I simply can't write down the Krishnamurtis so I'll do a whole big post of just them tomorrow. All five! Wow..

So gotsta go tho there're so many more things to stick in here.. but leave some for another time=)

Be well!

Lotsa lovin!


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