Thursday, 16 February 2012


Here's Krishnamurti:

(actually I'm not sure if I already posted this one or not.. I had a quick looksee but it wasn't among the first ones so I don't know.. maybe I just put it up on FB.. Well anyway here it is again=) ) 

Violence is everywhere, among the highly educated and the most primitive, among the intellectuals and the sentimentalists. Neither education nor organized (as a bit of side note, interjection thing, I was almost gonna write "crime" here but is there much difference really..?=) ) religions have been able to tame man; on the contrary, they have been responsible for wars, tortures, concentration camps and for the slaughter of animals on land and sea. The more he progresses the more cruel man seems to become. Politics have become gangsterism, one group against another; nationalism has lead to war; there are economic wars; there are personal hatreds and violence. Man doesn't seem to learn from experience and knowledge, and violence in every form goes on. What place has knowledge in the transformation of man and his society?
  The energy that has got into the accumulation of knowledge has not changed man; it has not put an end to violence. The energy that has gone into a thousand explanations of why he's so aggressive, brutal, insensitive, has not put an end to his cruelty. The energy which has been spent in analysis of the causes of his insane destruction, his pleasure in violence, sadism, the bullying activity, has in no way made man considerate and gentle. In spite of all the words and books, threats and punishment, man continues his violence.
  Violence is not only in the killing, in the tomb, in revolutionary change through bloodshed; it is deeper and more subtle. Conformity and imitation are the indications of violence; imposition and the acceptance of authority are an expression of this aggression and cruelty, and comparison  breeds envy with its animosity and hatred. Where there is conflict, inner or outs, there is the ground for violence. Division in all its forms brings about conflict and pain. 
  You know all this; you have read about the actions of violence, you have seen it in yourself and around you and you have heard it, and yet violence has not come to an end. Why? The explanations and the causes of such behavior have no real significance. If you are indulging in them, you are wasting your energy which you need to transcend violence. You need all your energy to meet and go beyond the energy that is being wasted in violence. Controlling violence is another form of violence, for the controller is the controlled. I total attention, the summation of all energy, violence i all its forms comes to an end. Attention is not a word, an abstract formula of thought, but an act in daily life. Action is not an ideology, but if action is the outcome of it then it leads to violence.
  After the rains, the river goes around every boulder, every town and village and however much it is polluted, it cleanses itself and runs through valleys, gorges and meadows. 

feels like I just wrote this yesterday but anyway.. it's a good one. 

A few of nice songs for ya:

Brilliant gal I think! & the dude too. Wonderful tune. 

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