Friday, 17 February 2012

Buenas noches

Just finished watching The secret of NIMH. Fantastic film I used to dig with my bro when we were younger. Great to see it again after many years. Then Ems & I took interesting trips down memory lanes of old cartoons n shows we used to like as kids=) great stuff! 

Now quite late again so I'll just be post in ol Krishnamurti again.. So here goeth! 

"You deny being a guru but you are the guru of gurus. I have observed you from your youth and what you say is the truth which few will understand. For the many we are necessary, otherwise they would be lost; our authority saves the foolish. We are the interpreters. We have had our experiences; we know. Tradition is a rampart and only the very few can stand alone and see the naked reality. You are among the blessed but we must walk with the crowd, sing their songs, respect the holy names and sprinkle holy water, which does not mean that we are entirely hypocrites. They need help and we are there to give it. What, if one may be allowed to ask, is the experience of that absolute reality?"
  The disciples were still coming and going, uninterested in the conversation and different to their surroundings, to the beauty of the flower and the tree. A few of them were sitting on the grass listening, hoping not to be too disturbed. A cultured man is discontented with his culture.
  Reality is not to be experienced. There's no path to it and no word can indicate it; it is not to be sought after and to be found. The finding, after seeking, is the corruption of the mind. The very word truth is not truth; the description is not the described.
  "The ancients have told of their experiences, their bliss in meditation, their super consciousness, their holy reality. If one may be allowed to ask, must one set aside all this and their exalted example?" 
  Any authority om meditation is the very denial of it. All the knowledge, the concepts, the examples have no place in meditation. The complete elimination of the meditator, the experiencer, the thinker, is the very essence of meditation. This freedom is the daily act of meditation. The observer is the past, his ground is time, his thoughts, images, shadows, are time-binding. Knowledge is time, and freedom from the known is the flowering of meditation. There is no system and so there is no direction to truth or to the beauty of meditation. To follow another, his example, his word, is t banish truth. Only in the mirror of relationship do you see the face of what is. The seer is the seen. Without the order which virtue brings, meditation and the endless assertions of others have no meaning whatsoever; they are totally irrelevant. Truth has no tradition, it cannot be handed down. 

Thar u go.

Lotsa love!


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