Sunday, 26 February 2012

Howdy doody! 

It's been a very nice sunny winter day. Somethin akin to this here:

(pictures not taken by yours truly..) 

(it's not like this at all at the moment, I just thought this is very beautiful..)

(& this too..)

(hah!=) funny looking poocher)

been very interesting reading about all sorts of wonderful stuff on line n I'm really excited about it! =)

here, check this dude out:

great stuff! 

n this is good for all sorts:

& this seems to be sweet:

aaah and countless more I'm sure! 

Yeah n all you Finnish speakers check out that Jaakko Halmetoja link I posted yesterday! Amazing man! 

Gonna go see ol Mark Lanegan tnight! 

Here's Krishnamurti:

It was a happy morning and the soft light covered the land and the endless beauty of life. Meditation is the essence of this beauty, expressed or silent. Expressed, its takes form, substance; silent it's not to be put into word, form or color. From silence, expression or action have beauty, are whole, and all struggle, conflict cease. 
  Without passion there's no creation. Total abandonment brings this unending passion. Abandonment with a motive is one thing, and without purpose, without calculation, it is another. That which has an end, a direction, is short lived, becomes mischievous and commercial, vulgar. The other, not driven by any cause, intention or gain, has no beginning and no ending. This abandonment is the emptying of the mind of the "me", the self. This "me" can lose itself in some activity, in some comforting belief or fanciful dream but such loss is the continuing of the self in another form, identifying with another ideology and action. The abandonment of the self is not an act of will, for the will is the self. Any movement of the self, horizontally or vertically, in any direction, is still within the field of time and sorrow. Thought may give itself over to something, sane or insane, reasonable or idiotic, but being in its very structure and nature fragmentary, its very enthusiasm, excitement, soon turn into pleasure and fear. In this area the abandonment of the self is illusory, with little meaning. The awareness of all this is the awakening to the activities of the self; in this attention there is no centre, the self. The urge to express oneself for identification is the outcome of confusion and the meaninglessness of existence. To seek a meaning is the beginning of fragmentation; thought can and does give a thousand meanings to life, each one inventing its own meanings which are merely opinions and convictions and there's no end to them. The very living is the whole meaning but when life is a conflict, s struggle, a battle-field of ambition, competition and the worship of success, the search for power and position, then life has no meaning. What is the need of expression? Does creation lie in the thing produced? The thing produced by hand or by the mind, however beautiful or utilitarian - is that what one is after? Does this self-abandoned passion need expression? When there is a need, a compulsion, is it the passion of creation? As long as there is vision between creator and the created, beauty, love, come to an end. You may produce a most excellent thing in color or in stone, but if your daily life contradicts that supreme excellence - the total abandonment of the self - that which you have produced is for admiration and vulgarity. The very living is the color, the beauty and its expression. One needs the other. 


This would be nice to see:

"my richness is life..."

Dig it!

Lotsa lovin!


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