Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hey y'all!

Sorry no posting yesterday. Things went kind of late n we watched a bit of The Lord of the Rings n then it was even later.. 

 I haven't seen the series in ages now so it's pretty cool to watch it again. 

I've always liked the old animated version too for it's grittyness n cool combination of live action. My bro n I used to dig the heck out of it when we were youngsters. I remember they showed it on TV one x-mas n then every x-mas afterwards we waited to see it again. But I don't recall if they ever showed it again.. 

Good stuff. 

For some reason I've always really liked the Black Riders. It's strange cos they're so evil n nasty, scary n all but for some strange reason I dig them.. 

Well, I like big black hoodies.. Maybe it's just that I'm a pretty nice guy n, try at least, to be positive n up beat n all n these dudes aren't really.. An opposites attract sort of thing.. I don't know. I think they're cool n I think other similar stuff like medieval cloaks n daggers n such things are cool. (bit of a nerdy thing I know=).. ) Maybe I've been some big ol hoodie cloak wearing dude in a past life.. 

So yes we watched a bit of LOTR n probably will watch the rest tnight.. 

I'd really like to see a version made that looked a bit like this here: 

(plenty more examples but you probably get the gist of it..)

This is pretty much how I see the Lord of the Rings. It would be incredibly cool to see a version in this style. Wow that'd be sweet! I mean the Ralph Bakshi came pretty close to it but it coulda done with just that bit more.. Maybe someone will tackle that task some day... 

Yes, here're those couple of Krishnamurtis:

It is always there, you cannot just forget it, you cannot cover it up through some form of entertainment, religious or otherwise. You may run away from it but it will be there to meet you again. You may lose yourself in some worship, prayer or in some comforting belief but it will appear again, unbidden. The flowering of sorrow id bitterness, cynicism or some neurotic behaviour. You may be aggressive, violent and nasty in your conduct but sorrow is where you are. You may have power, position and the pleasures of money but it will be there in your heart, waiting and preparing. Do what you will you cannot escape from it. The love that you have ends in sorrow; sorrow is time , sorrow is thought. 
  The tree is cut down and you shed a tear; an animal is killed for your taste; the earth is being destroyed for your pleasure: you are being educated to kill, to destroy, man against man. The new technology and machines are taking over the toil of man but you may not end sorrow through the things that thoughts has put together. Love is not pleasure. 
  Any movement of thought is the deepening of sorrow. Thought with its memories, with its images of pleasure and pain, with its loneliness and tears, with its self-pity and remorse, is the ground for sorrow. Listen to what is being said. Just listen - not to the echoes of the past, to the overcoming of sorrow or how to escape from its torture - but listen with our heart, with your whole being to what is now being said. Your dependence and attachment have prepared the soil fro your sorrow. Your neglect of the study of yourself ad the beauty it brings, have given nourishment to your sorrow; all your self-centred activities have led you to this sorrow. Just listen to what is being said: stay with it, don't wander off. Any movement of thought is the strengthening of sorrow. Thought is not love. Love has no sorrow. 

Beautiful. N now for the other:

Tradition is very strong, stronger than love.
  The tradition of war is stronger than love; the tradition of killing for food and killing the so-called enemy denies human tenderness and affection; the tradition of long hours of labour breed efficient cruelty; the tradition of marriage soon becomes a bondage; the traditions of the rich and the poor keep them apart; each profession has its own tradition, its own elite which breeds envy and enmity. The traditional ceremonies and rituals in the places of worship, the world over, have separated man from man and the words and gestures have no meaning at all. A thousand yesterdays, however rich and beautiful, deny love. 

That's all for now folks! 

Hope ur all well!

a lotta lovin!


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