Thursday, 2 February 2012


Been a bit of busy ol day.. atleast since gettin home. Seems like time (the weird thing as we know it at the moment..) just slips out of ones hands.. But no use worryin right! 
I've got to get up really early tmrw mornin cos my buddy wants t go t the gym in the morning n we've got quite a lot to do, so I'm only gonna post Krishnamurti again. Hopefully one day I'll have lots of that weird time n will be able to sit n write a whole big long post with all sorts of everything in it! So till then..

Consciousness is its content: the content makes up consciousness. The two are indivisible. There is no you and another, only the content which makes up consciousness as the "me" and the not "me". The contents vary according to the culture, the racial accumulations, the techniques and capacities acquired. These are broken up as the artist, the scientist and so on. Idiosyncracies are the response of the conditioning and the conditioning is the common factor of man. This conditioning is the content, consciousness. This again is broken up as the conscious and the hidden. The hidden becomes important because we have never looked at it as a whole. This fragmentation takes place when the observer is not the observed, when the experiencer is seen as different from the experience. The hidden is as the open; the observation - the hearing of the open - is the seeing of the hidden. Seeing is not analysing. In analysing there is the analyser and the analysed, a fragmentation which leads to inaction, a paralysis. In seeing, the observer is not, and so action is immediate; there is no interval between the idea and action. The idea, the conclusion, is the observer - the seer separate from the thing seen. Identification is an act of thought and thought is fragmentation. 

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