Friday, 10 February 2012

Well hello thar!

Life's a funny ol thing inni? N people are weird.. That's it. Good night!=) 

Naah, but that's quite an opener isn't it.. quite a few ways one could go with all that, so I'll go this way: 

Life is wonderful. We should all be happy to be here n make the best of what we have. You can make anything you want out of it. Everyone can change their lives with the snap of the fingers. It's that simple. It's a choice. 

N people are weird. That's all there is to say about that!=)
People certainly are interesting, n not least of all all the stuff that make us, all the physical things. How incredibly wonderful it is! The particles, n cells, n atoms, n bits n pieces we're made of. How indescribably magnificent all that stuff is! N imagine how little it takes for stuff to not work or be different.. It's mind boggling, the intricacies of the bodily functions. Every little thing is so well designed n full of magic. How things are transported, absorbed, cleansed. Just think of a simple cut on your finger. Immediately, the body starts to heal it. It wants to be well! Just think of the magic of that wound healing. It actually gets better! And if you leave it be, almost disappears! All the while the body is doing everything it can to fix that spot. Imagine if it didn't. Like, you drop a tea cup, it shatters. It don't start puttin the pieces back together again! (yes I know you can glue it smart arses but it's not the same thing!;) ) But your body does! You break your leg n soon enough it'll be back to normal again. I think that is magic in action right there! I guess the problem is we don't notice or it isn't fast enough, it isn't Edward healing in a couple of seconds, or other vampires ( who else heals real quick? -- Wolverine? Anyway, you know what I mean..) One could go on & on with fantastic examples one crazier than the next.. shit, I mean, reproduction, how ABsolutely mad is that eh?! From that tiny seed, n that combination, a little thing starts to grow in a woman's stomach. It's fed n grows n evolves n finally pops out, keeps growing all the while gathering information about the world around it n inside it, reaches its absolute peak n starts to wind down n eventually passes away into its tiniest particles once more n joins with what's around. That's just crazy!! N they say there ain't no miracles or magic...
Same with trees. Think of them giant redwoods for example (or the nearest tree you can find..) They are bloody eNOURmous! And all that came from a single, tiny seed. 

& imagine what they do for us! (all plants that is..) It's incredible! 
I don't know, maybe all this is completely obvious and makes more sense to you all in a way but I'm endlessly amazed at these things, just to name a couple.. 

Aah and then the mind! Sort of who we are n what we do. I mean I suppose that's more how we think of ourselves right? As in, the mind, that's who we are. Not so much this bunch of atoms, n muscles n bones n such. I guess that's who people think they are. And the soul. That's in there somewhere too right? For some people. N what is that soul? Or are some people just mind n some just soul? 

(I'll be gettin back to the soul point in a later post with all my views n stuff.. Just sort of wanted to try n think like most think.. maybe.. but I can't know, what do you think?? Tell me, I'd like to know!=) ) 

I guess people just think we're this sack o' meat n bones, some are big n fat n some are skinny n pretty n so on. You're born with certain stuff (like a good brain, muscles, intelligence, skills..) n you can't change anything too much. We maybe have something called a soul which no one really knows what it is cos you can't see it or prove it, life's dished you out a certain lot n you go through it, religion is a bit of a pain but you kinda still have a certain respect for God, if there is one, just in case he's gonna bust your balls. You're young n free n then you get a job n get married n have kids then you get old n fat n work all your life, retire n spend the rest of your days tryin to pass the boredom. Then you die and that's it. There isn't anything after that, your just very bloody dead and that's the end of the story and you're a bloody foolish hippy if you think anything else. The government is right n complicated, doctors are right and give good drugs to help you, the newspapers and TV news tell the truth, the world is full of dangerous bastards and complex conflicts happen around the world and nothing much can be done about it, the food you eat is pretty healthy (except for fat, which is bad) and the food industry is great cos it comes up with new wonderful things all the time that make your life easier and healthier like Aspartame and microwaveable delicious dishes. Science is great and powerful and wise and nothing is worth nothing and can't be taken seriously if it isn't scientifically proven. Studies are always right because they've been done by scientists and published and quoted in the papers and on telly and they can all be trusted. The country and flag are wonderful things that we should fight and die for and wars are good when the right people are fighting them. Herbal medicine and all things natural are a bit dodgy at least, and scary and dangerous mostly. Nature, and forests in particular are something to fear... 
I'm sure there are many things I've left out but I guess that's the view of people.. But I don't know! I don't want to throw that out there n say this is the way every one is...

Here's a nice bit from one of ol Kerouac's letters:

I don't believe in changing one iota of the arrangement which my mind made while MOVING the poem, paragraphs, idiot words, all of it. Because God moves the hand that writes. Who's God? God is Everything, including you. It's just a convenient word to represent the transcendent and not transcendent temporary unity of all things, all animals, and all men including men of other galaxies. We must ride the way the waves ride. (them Einsteinian electromgneticgravitational waves, also words.) 

Brilliant dude! Lookin forward to readin some more of his stuff soon. (the collection of letters is excellent by the way, for any of you Kerouac diggers (and not particularly diggers..) out thar who may not have read it yet.. Selected letters 1957-69)  

It didn't quite go the way I thought it would but that's all good too=) 

& here's good ol Krishnamurti for you:

"You said the observer is the observed, the meditator is the meditation and there's meditation only when the observer is not. I would like to be informed about this. For me meditation has been the control of thought, ixing the mind on the absolute."
  The controller is the controlled, is it not? The thinker is his thoughts; without words, images, thoughts, is there a thinker? The experiencer is the experience; without experience there's no experiencer. The controller of thought is made up of thought; he's one of the fragments of thought, call it what you will; the outside agency however sublime is still a product of thought; the activity of thought is always outward and brings about fragmentation. 
  "Can life ever be lived without control? It's the essence of discipline." 
  When the controller is the controlled, seen as absolute fact, as truth, then there comes about a totally different kind of energy which transforms what is. The controller can never change what is; he can control it, suppress it, modify it or run away from it but can never go beyond and above it. Life can and must be lived without control. A controlled life is never sane; it breeds endless conflict, misery, and confusion.
"This is a totally new concept."
  It it may be pointed out, it is not an abstraction, a formula. There's only what is. Sorrow is not an abstraction; one can draw a conclusion from it, a concept, a verbal structure but it is not what is, sorrow. Ideologies have no reality; there is only what is. This can never be transformed when the observer separates himself from the observed. 
"Is this your direct experience?" 
  It would be utterly vain and stupid if it were merely verbal structures of thought; to talk of such things would be hypocrisy. 
"I would have liked to find out from you what is meditation but now there's no time as we are about to land."

Thar you go! 

Hope all's well!



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