Sunday, 5 February 2012

'allo 'allo! 

Brilliantly funny series=) Haven't seen it in ages.. 


It's been a fabulous beautiful winterwonderland day

a bit like this.. (not my picture..)

Went to Ems mums for dinner n it was very nice. Now waiting for the announcement of the new president of Finland. Quite exciting.. 

I don't know if either are true.. maybe I'm just bitter I can't vote.. 

We'll see what happens.. 

Here's the daily Krishnamurti: 

Religion has become superstition and image-worship, belief and ritual. It has lost the beauty of truth; incense has taken the place of reality. Instead of direct perception there is in its place the image carved by the hand or the mind. The only concern of religion is the total transformation of man. And all the circus that goes on around it is nonsense. That's why the truth is n t to be found in any temple, church or mosque, however beautiful they are. Beauty of truth and beauty of stone are two different things. One opens the door to the immeasurable and the other to the bondage of thought. Romanticism and sentimentality deny the very nature of religion, nor is it a plaything of the intellect. Knowledge in the area of action is necessary to function efficiently and objectively, but knowledge is not the means of the transformation of man; knowledge is the structure of thought and thought is the dull repetition of the known, however modified or enlarged. There is no freedom through the ways of thought, the known. 
  The beauty of truth and its subtleties are not in belief and dogma; they never are where man can find them for there is no path to its own beauty; it is not a fixed point, a haven of shelter. It has its own tenderness whose love is not to be measured nor can you hold it, experience it. It has no market value to be used and put aside. It is there when the mind and heart are empty of the things of thought. The monk or the poor man are not near it, nor the rich; neither the intellectual nor the gifted can touch it. The one who says he knows has never come near it. Be far away from the world and yet live it. 

Nice quote by ol mr. Wilde. (don't know if he really said it but it's good..)

I leave you with this, be well!

Lotsa love


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