Saturday, 25 February 2012


was gonna post this yesterday but it was so late n I was so knackered I could hardly keep me peepers open. So here we go tday then. It's pretty late again but I ain't that tired yet. Well I haven't done much to be tired from.. Did some cleaning..
I was looking for somethin else n came across this:

I think that's just marvelous! I know it's not that time of year or anything I just had to put it up here. Beautiful! 

so yes did some cleanig

n surfing the old net, took the the doggy for a walky. N back to the computer again.. So many things to dig. I found this here tune. ABsolutely brilliant! :

heard it a dozen times already.. at least!=) 

N then all you Finnish people or people who understand Finnish, go check this dude out if you haven't already! 

fantastic dude! I hope to get to meet him some day n dig him. 

I've always really liked night time. The mystery n intrigue n peace n calm of it. Such a wonderful time.

(some pretty wild pics on that page by the way..) 

aah so many marvelous pictures one could put up here..

So without further adoin here's Krishnamurti:

The sky and the earth met and there was vast space. In this measureless space the earth and all things had their existence, even this small boat carried along by the strong current. Around the bend of the river the horizons extended as far as the eye could see, measureless and infinite. Space became inexhaustible. There must be this space for beauty and compassion. Everything must have space, the living and the dead, the rock on the hill and the bird on the wing. When there is no space there is death. Sound needs space. The sound of a word needs space; the word makes its own space, rightly pronounced. The river and the faraway tree can only survive when they have space; without space all things wither. 
  A painting must have space within it even though it's put in a frame; a statue can only exist in space; music creates the space it needs; the sound of a word not only makes space: it needs it to be heard. Thought can imagine the extension between two points, the distance and the measure; the interval between two thought is the space that thought makes. The continuos extension of time, movement and the interval between two movements of thought need space. Consciousness is within the movement of time and thought. Thought and time are measurable between tow appoints, between the centre and the periphery. Consciousness, wide or narrow, exists where there is a centre, the "me" and the "not me". 
  All things need space. If rats are enclosed in a restricted space, they destroy each other; the small birds sitting on a telegraph wire, of an evening, have the needed space between each other. Human beings living in crowded cities are becoming violent. Where there is no space, outwardly or inwardly, every form of mischief and degeneration is inevitable. The conditioning of the mind through so-called education, religion, tradition, culture, gives little space to the flowering of the mind and heart. The belief, the experience according to that belief, the opinion, the concepts, the word is the "me", the ego, the centre which creates the limited space within whose border is consciousness. The "me" has its being and its activity within the small space it has created for itself. All its problems and sorrows, its hopes and despairs are within its own frontiers, and there there is no space. The known occupies all its consciousness. Consciousness is the known. Within this frontier there is no solution to all the problems human beings have put together. And yet they won't let go; they cling to the known or invent the unknown, hoping it will solve their problems. The space which the "me" has built for itself is its sorrow and its pain of pleasure. The gods don't give you space, for theirs is yours. This vast, measureless space lies outside the measure of thought, and thought is the known. Meditation is the emptying of consciousness of its content, the known, the "me". 

and le second:

To be absolutely nothing is to be beyond measure. Be alone, without word or thought, but only watching and listening. The great silence showed the without it, existence loses its profound meaning and beauty. 
  To be a light to oneself denies all experience. The one who is experiencing as the experiencer needs experience to exist and, however deep or superficial, the need for it becomes greater. Experience is knowledge, tradition; the experiencer divides himself to discern between the enjoyable and the painful, the comforting and the disturbing. The believer experiences according to his belief, according to his conditioning. These experiences are from the known, for recognition is essential, without it there's no experience. Every experience leaves a mark unless there's an ending to it as it arises. EVEry response to a challenge is an experience but when the response is from he known, challenge loses its newness and vitality; then there's conflict, disturbance and neurotic activity. The very nature of challenge is to question, to disturb, to awaken, to understand. Bu then that challenge is translated into the past, then the present is avoided. The conviction of experience is the negation of enquiry. Intelligence is the freedom to enquire, to investigate the "me" and the "not me", the outer and the inner. Belief, ideologies and authority prevent insight which comes only with freedom. The desire for experience of any kind must be superficial or sensory, comforting or pleasurable, for desire, however intense, is the forerunner of though hand thought is the outer.Thought will never find the new for it is old, it is never free. Freedom lies beyond thought. All the activity of thought is not love.
  To be a light to oneself is the light of all others. To be a light to oneself is for the mind to be free from challenge and response, for the mind then is totally awake, wholly attentive. This attention has no centre, the one who is attentive, and so no border. As long as there's a centre, the "me", there must be challenge and response, adequate or inadequate, pleasurable or sorrowful. The centre can never be a light to itself; its light is the artificial light of thought and it has many shadows. Compassion is not the shadow of thought but it is light, neither yours nor another's. 

Take care! 

Lotsa lovin!


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