Thursday, 8 March 2012


Let's start off with this here for m' honey:

(sorry, bit of a cheesy video..) 

& happy women's day everyone! Tho I don't really see the sense in all that kind of stuff.. why couldn't you be good & appreciative & nice & sweet to the lady you're with, or to one that you're not with, on other days too? Or Mother's day? Xmas? The supposed day of Jesus's (not sure bout the apostrophe thar.. me grammar's not the best..=)) birth? I haven't actually read the bible (yet..) but I gathered that Jesus was born round May or was it March.. hmm.. n that many so called pagans and such celebrated the fact that the days were getting longer n brighter n all that.. n again why should one make all that big fuss about xmas and the giving of presents and such? 

I'm pretty tired n needs to be off to bed but I may return to this subject at a later stage.. 

Well I thought I'd go "public" with this thang on Fbook so here goeth! Hope y'all dig it=)

here's Krishnamurti: (I've been saving some up cos they're almost out.. I've maybe got a couple of things lined up but we'll see..)

The good is not the opposite of evil. It has never been touched by that which is evil, though it is surrounded by it. Evil cannot hurt the good but the good may appear to do harm and so evil gets more cunning, more mischievous. It can be cultivated, sharpened, expansively violent; it is born within the movement of time, nurtured and skilfully used. But goodness is not of time; it can in no way be cultivated or nurtured by thought: its action is not visible; it has no cause and so no effect. Evil cannot become good for that which is good is not the product of thought; it lies beyond thought, like beauty. The thing that thought produces, thought can undo but it is not the good; as it is not of time, the good has no abiding place. Where the good is, there is order, not the order of authority, punishment and reward; this order is essential, for otherwise society destroys itself and man becomes evil, murderous, corrupt and degenerate. For man is society; they are inseparable. The law of the good is everlasting, unchanging and timeless. Stability is its nature and so its is utterly secure. There is no other security. 

Thar you go!

Here's a fabulous bit of comedy=) :

it's always good to put in some comedy.. regardless=)

Hilarious dude, may he rest in peace. 

Right, too tired for any more!

Lotsa love!


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