Sunday, 11 March 2012

      Hello a-gain (read gain as in the sentence "to gain something")

      Let's start with some music again (read again in any way you prefer=) ) 

      This one has been quite actively played:

      & this too:

      This is a cool version of them doin bandstand busking, which I think is a fantastic idea. I think the guys who organize them get together with a band n take them to a random bandstand n shoot them while they play. (shoot with cameras of course.. would be a tad harsh otherwise=) )

      Sweet. And reminiscent of those Take Away Shows:

      Here, I don't know why this came to mind but I just have to put in here. It's one of my all time favorite films in the world=) 

      My brother & I used to LOVE this! Marvelous=) Wow sure brings back a bunch of good ol memories=) Man I dig that film!

      Aah actually I'm glad this came about cos I might have forgotten. Quite nicely leads me to some other animation. Stop-motion! 

      This is something I'm eagerly looking forward to: 

      Been a fan of Burton's stuff for ages. Once, when I was ill as a kid I watched Edward Scissorhands over & over & over again. I couldn't get enough of it. Needless to say, that too is one of my all time favorite films=) 

      I really dug (well still do) Burton after reading the book Burton On Burton. I think it had quite a profound effect on my teenage mind & sort of changed me a bit.. I certainly identified with him n thus also with Edward too.. And through Mr. Burton I discovered stop-motion animation n the wonderful world of Ray Harryhausen. 
      The grand daddy behind such brilliant things as the skeleton fight in Jason & the Argonauts   

      (there seems to be a bit of a nasty noise in the background which is a bit cack..)

      and a whole world of others. 

      N later on my brother introduced me to the Quay brothers and Jan Svankmajer. Now that stuff just blows you away!

      SUCH a beautiful world! I'm speechless and in awe of their talent.  & Mr. Svankmajer too:

      Again, just speechless...

      These two are a bit more recent but no less impressive:

      (well worth watching the makin of..)

      & this on is prettty fuckin wild too:

      Wow! Absolutely staggering!

      Here, kinda still on the movie subject I thought I'd share the Proust questionnaire with y'all. U ever done it? Every time I watch an episode of Inside the Actor's Studio I think about what my own answers would be so I'ma have a go: (I know it's different with not bein there n all n havin time to think about the answers but I'll try n do it as "authentically" as possible..) 

      Mr. Lipton: What is your favorite word?

      Me: (this is really difficult actually!=) )

      Mr. Lipton: What is your least favorite word?

      Me: this ones a finnish word n it's Kiitsa or Kiizza. 
      A terrible rendition of thanks. Awful creation.

      What turns you on?

      My girlfriend.

      What turns you off?

      Cruelty, unkindness 

      What sound or noise do you love?

      A soft breeze in the leaves of a tree. Also a running, bubbling laughing little river or brook. 

      What sound or noise do you hate?

      A baby screaming in pain or terror. 

      What is your favorite curse word? 

      I'll go for the traditional Fuck. Very versatile. 

      What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

      (well that's a bit of a funny one cos at the moment I work in a warehouse so almost anything would be better=) )

      What profession would you not like to do?

      Well, quite a few I suppose.. wouldn't want to be a prison warden. Or anything to do with sewage. Or a politician.. & loads of other things. 

      If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

      Welcome home, kid! Bruce Lee and Bill Hicks and Krishnamurti & Kerouac are right over there. Here's a cup of tea, enjoy. 

      ( I just realized reading that back that a politician is kind of a prison warden and anything to with sewage combined=)) 

      So thar you go!

      Oh yeah here's a nice bit of weirdness I wrote when I first went to London. Enjoy=): 

      Boobies with huge nipples on green grass licking turtles necks and sucking cows hind legs. Flying cups of goo amongst finely dressed wenches almost wanting to spew. Curiously the fireman couldn't see thru his thick bottle glasses. All he could do was whine and dine on freshly squeezed mushrooms. The vicar came and threw a piece of dirt at the side of a car and jumped in and ran over a queue of lingering misfits. All he could do was smile his swine face all red. A purely terrific moment for those about to be wed. The monkeys wanted more but the stalling big brown bottoms wouldn't give way, all they could do was wee on her dress and slip on their own bandanas. Finally the boys in blue came and started shooting away. The sooner the better thought the young lad about to chew on a couple of pears. His vision was blocked though by the hideous sight of a rampaging Mormon in search of his latest victim. He gazed upon the lad and knelt to give him a kiss but soon the boy was off on one of his monstrous screams and gave it to the poor old bastard in the gut. After the show was over and gone the boy scouts came and took over the scene with bewildering performances of brilliant power of the juvenile delinquent mind. A veritable circus real terribleamus. No sooner had the thing begun when the sheriff turned up in his lofty wagon filled with the decaying corpses of brutally stampeded widows. All he could do was gape. The boys in blue came along for the ride and soon came to the conclusion that this is utter bollocks...

      Slippery smocks on frozen lakes so deep they never end. Before the dawn there were plenty of brunettes on porches waiting to be swept away. But they never were although they came pretty close when the ghoulish clown of the year before came upon the town again. Only now he was old and sterile and in goofy spirits needing a lay before he was on his sleigh. Nubile young peaches he could not afford. Due to the dung on the latch he took off to snatch a good old bottle of gum tree juice all the while frowning queerly at the good people of this hinterland foul pit of doggy doodoo. Once in a while the gals talked to themselves not knowing where to start but soon they started and off they went not knowing whence they were heading the whole day - all those beautiful doors and then there was nowhere. Thru this that and the other they all came together always praying and playing but thus it all ended on a good song and a foul day. 

      All thru the ages the blood of diamonds has blinded the demons and they joke and fling on the fleets of upturned street signals all to do with the bisexual sound made in sleep during day time misery. Sick of it all they crumbled all together amongst screeching footsteps on cardboard roofs. "SOON QUICK COME SEE MY SHINY BLUNT BUTTER KNIFE I shall keep it in your purse." Mobile phone people eat dragons for breakfast. Day after day they fart fires at the demons who crack up at them thru spiky visions. Juice is all they want and crave before they creep up your spine. Fresh and running thru the locks of time they squeeze out the diamonds through pure golden sinks. Thursdays are the best days for sweeties in bed and chocolate on park benches- the demons only take from tiny child monsters who ruin our pretty worlds. Sticky fingers and sneaking around like spiders they attack you in bright day light although they can't see too well they sense with their tiny hidden horns. Difficult as they may be the frightening bastards don't lie. Thru speakers they holler at us from withdrawn worlds but we can't avoid this damned blistering symphony.
      Windblown minds of pretty little brutes along the main stretches of the beach become noble thoughts in the dusk of this contagious cluster of meaningless blasts. All up and down the side of this flat earth the salt runs and gathers speed as it heads out to sea and into our bellies. Oh the sweet thighs of brown roast chicken. And silly drowning drunks float bloated in the breeze as we fish for food and piss in the same pond. 

      Well, there you have it=) I actually applied for a job with a magazine with this piece. I didn't get it. I wonder why...?=)

      I'll conclude with the penultimate Krishnamurti:

      How lovely it was that morning, the purity of light and the golden path the sun made on those living waters. You were the world, the cosmos, the deathless beauty and the joy of compassion. Only you weren't there; if you were all this would not be. You bring in the beginning and the ending, to begin again in an endless chain. 
        In becoming there is uncertainty and instability. In nothingness there is absolute stability and so clarity. That which is wholly stable never dies; corruption is in becoming. The world is bent on becoming, achieving, gaining and so there is fear of losing and dying. The mind must go through that small hole which it has put together, the self, to come upon this vast nothingness whose stability thought cannot measure. Thought desires to capture it, use it, cultivate it and put it on the market. It must be made acceptable and so respectable, to be worshipped. Thought cannot put it into any category and so it must be a delusion and a snare; or it must be for the few, for the select. And so thought goes about its own mischievous ways, frightened, cruel, vain and never stage, though its conceit asserts there is stability in its actions, in its exploration, in knowledge it has accumulated. The dream becomes a reality which it has nurtured. What thought has made real is not truth. Nothingness is not a reality but it is the truth. The small hole, the self, is the reality of thought, that skeleton on which it has built all its existence - the reality of its fragmentation, the pain, the sorrow and its love. The reality of its gods or its one god is the careful structure of thought, its prayer, its rituals, its romantic worship. In reality there is no stability or pure clarity.
        The knowledge of the self is time, length, width and volume; it can be accumulated, used as a ladder to become, to improve, to achieve. This knowledge will in no way free the mind of the burden of its reality. You are the burden; the truth of it lies in the seeing of it and that freedom is not the reality of thought. The seeing is the doing. The doing comes from stability, the clarity, of nothingness. 

      There. I'm gonna start watching Goodfellas=)

      Lotsa love!


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