Friday, 2 March 2012

Hey one & all!

It's rather late but I don't feel all that tired, which is quite odd since I've been really tired all week.. gone to bed late & gotten up early & all..

Spring is making it's way! Saw the first patch of grass for the first time in months tday! I'm really looking forward to seein spring cos it's been quite a while since I've experienced it as E & I've been away mostly during that time of year..

(not me own pics..)

So yeah not that tired since I had this mad smoothie with all sorts of good stuffs in it:

1 tbl spoon of spirulina, & in engrish

bout 2 tbl spoons of raw cacao powder

1 1/2 scoops of Sun Warrior protein powder

Vitamin C

water but not this kind.. 

here, this was really great:

and this too: (I think I posted it not too long ago & I'll put it in the things to dig section..)

and on the side I had some chaga tea too. It all filled me up rather heavily n I was pretty big & bloated. Still being sort of new to the whole super foods thing & maybe need to take it a bit slower.. but you don't want to when you're so excited about something!=) 


I'd really like to dig the Native Americans & their ways more

Imagine the beautiful wisdom of this old lady!(at least I think it's a lady..)

(if this guy really is a Native American, he must be the most beautiful one I've ever seen.. the embodiment of what you think of as a Native American.) 

I'm not even sure what one should really call them.. the Original Peoples of the Americas? American Indians? I wish that they would be given back their lands & given an enormous apology as a tiny bit of the stuff we owe them.. That of course goes for a lot of other peoples too.. unfortunately.. by which I mean in the sense that unfortunately they have been wronged not that unfortunately we have to apologize & that it's such a drag. It's a drag (if one can even say that in this context..) what happened to so many people.. Well I at least am sorry, not that I have personally done any wrong in that sense but as a general sorry. If that does any good.. 

Dig Gregg singin a Hopi prayer at about 5.50 


It's incredible to imagine what those people knew (& some probably still do!) 

These are brilliant! :

Highly recommended if your into Native Americans & witches & such. 

I was gonna write all sorts of stuff n have links n such but I'll try & do them tomorrow or soon.. Now it really is late & I'm knackered!

It is only man that brings disorder to the universe. He's ruthless and extremely violent. Wherever he is he brings misery and confusion in himself and in the world about him. He lays waste and destroys and he has no compassion. In himself there is no order and so what the touches becomes soiled and chaotic. His politics have become a refined gangsterism of power, deceit, personal and national, group against group. His economy is restricted and so not universal. His society is immoral, in freedom and under tyranny. He is not religious though he believes, worships and goes through endless, meaningless rituals. Why has he become like this - cruel, irresponsible and so utterly self-centred? Why? There are a hundred explanations and those who explain, subtly with words that are born out of knowledge of many books and experiments on animals, are caught in the net of human sorrow, ambition, pride and agony. The description is not the described, the word is not the thing. Is it because he is looking for outward causes, the environment conditioning man, hoping the outer change transforms the inner man? Is it because he's s attached to his senses, dominated by their immediate demands? Is it because he lives so entirely in the movement of thought and knowledge? Or is it because he's s romantic, sentimental, that he be comes ruthless with his ideals, make-beliefs and pretentions? Is it because he is always led, a follower, or because a leader, a guru?
  This division as the outer and the inner is the beginning of his conflict and misery; he is caught in this contradiction, in this ageless tradition. Caught in this meaningless division, he is lost and becomes a slave to others. The outer and the inner are imagination and the invention of thought; as thought is fragmentary, it makes for disorder and conflict which is division. Thought cannot bring about order, an effortless flow of virtue. Virtue is not continuos repetition of memory, practice. Thought-knowledge is time-binding. Thought by its very nature and structure cannot grasp the whole flow of life, as a total movement. Thought-knowledge cannot have an insight into this wholeness; it cannot be aware of this choicelessly as long as it remains as the perceiver; the outsider looking in. Thought-knowledge has no place in perception. The thinker is the thought; the perceiver is the perceived. Only then is there an effortless movement in our daily life. 

Good night, be well.

Lotsa love


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