Saturday, 10 March 2012


Got quite a few things I'd like t put out there so let's see how far I get=) 

Let's start with some tunes.

here's a fantastic track I just remembered a couple of days ago. Brilliant stuff!=):

Incredible video!

I did some cleanin tday & was actually dancing away to this next one here. Really great to let go n swing around a bit. Especially if your kinda shy n restricted like yours truly. It was fantastic! I had these shivers runnin all up n down my body=) Have to do more of that! I really had a bit of a glimpse or taste of what dance can do to you. It's magic!

& bustin out my best moves whilst doing the dishes.. 

man, she speaks right to your soul, doesn't she! Gorgeous! 

N this goes out to a special someone=) 

n as were on the subject, this one too=) :

(bit of a cheese video again but it was the best I could find..) 

a fine, beautiful being with a lot of ideas! Highly recommend her sites too! 

N as were doin promotion=)

Brilliant comics by genius! 

Fantastic doodles by Big Will! (no less genius=) )

Marvelous info bout health n all sorts of good stuff!

Beauty & style & stuff!

Healthy goods 

n of course there're plenttty more n I'll stick some up here soons I find them! 

Here's a nice bit of Paolo Coelho talking about writing & stuff: 

& Tim Ferris, who's blog that's on, seems to be a pretty mad dude!  I came across his stuff just a couple of days ago n he seems very inspiring. It makes you think what people are capable of.. 

(I'm jumping around here quite a bit but just wanna get all these things in here before I forget=) )

I was looking for an album t play in the background while doin them dishes n came across a book on Art Nouveau I got for xmas from m' honey n just had to sit down n dig it for a bit. It's definitely my favorite art style! Absolutely blows me away every time I sit down with that stuff! 

Tiny taster:

n countless more! REally beautiful style! I really dig Art Deco too. Really cool stuff! AAh and (one of) my favorite architecture styles! Man I could go on & on with this!=) 
Gonna have t save some for later.. 

Krishnamurti can take it from here:

Space is order. Space is time, length, width and volume. This morning the sea and the heavens are immense; the horizon where those yellow flowered hills meet the distant sea is the order of earth and heaven; it is cosmic. That cypress, tall, dark, alone, has the order of beauty and the distant house on that wooded hill follows the movement of the mountains that tower over the low-lying hills; the green field with a single cow is beyond time. And the hand coming up the hill is held within the narrow space of his problems.
  There is a space of nothingness whose volume is not bound by time, the measure of thought. This space the mind cannot enter; it can only observe. In this observation there is no experiencer. This observer has no history, no association, no myth, and so the observer is that which is. Knowledge is extensive but it has no space, for by its very weight and volume it perverts and smothers that space. There is no knowledge of the self, higher or lower; there's only a verbal structure of the self, a skeleton, covered over by thought. Thought cannot penetrate its own structure; what it has put together thought cannot deny and when it does deny, it is the refusal of further pain. When the time of the self is not, the space that has no measure is. 
  This measure is the movement of reward and punishment, gain or loss, the activity of comparison and conformity, of respectability and the denial of it. This movement is time, the future with its hope and the attachment which is the past. This complete network is the very structure of the self and its union with the supreme being or the ultimate principle is still within its own field. All this is the activity of thought. Thought can in no way penetrate that space of no time, do what it will. The very method, the curriculum, the practice that thought has invented are not the keys that will open the door, for there is no door, no key. Thought can only be aware of its own endless activity, its own capacity to corrupt, its own deceits and illusions. It is the
observer and the observed. Its gods are its own projections and the worship of them is the worship of yourself. What lies beyond thought, beyond the known, may not be imagined or made a myth or made a secret for the few. It is there for you to see. 

I'm knackered! Gotta go t bed tho I'd like to add loads more things.. But gotsta sleep.. Maybe post some more tomorrow.. 

Lotsa lovin!


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