Sunday, 29 January 2012

Weeeeeell hello thar!

Yesterday I missed the daily blog! Dang! I was cleanin most of the day n then we went to Ems cinema to watch a documentary n when we got back we watched couple of episodes of Gossip Girl ( yees, I'm pretty hooked on it!=) "that's so gay duude, ur so gay!" yes well, in the words of the great Steve Hughes "yeah I'm gay mate. I'm icing cakes with thirty chicks and you fuckwits are showering together..." so there.. ;) ) 

In any case..
But the documentary! Goodness! Blew us away! Very, very powerful stuff n really touching. It really made me angry at times n challenges the belief in people n the world. N it made the think how is the world so fucked up, that it produces such beings in such states? What has made us like this? N I looked at the people on the screen n tried to understand where they came from n what they'd been thru n what made them the way the were... 
Really brilliant documentary highly recommended, five stars all the way. Not only does it pack a powerful message-punch, it's also beautifully shot. I think everyone should see it and it should be mandatory viewing in schools across the globe. If I were a teacher I'd definitely show it in class, n I hope all you teachers out there do show it, even if it might be goin against the normal stuff a bit. Cos we need to challenge things! (this is as much a inspiration speech to myself as anyone else!) Like Jesus and countless other inspirational people throughout history! Like good ol Bill said, "but we, kill those people" (remember?) "Shut him up! We have a lot invested in this ride! Shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry; look at my big bank account, and my family. This has to be real." Yes, unfortunately that's what happens.. But it shouldn't deter people from further challenging things! So hopefully this documentary, (and others like it, still to be discovered or made..) will make a difference n people will wake up n change things for the better, with love. 

Yeez, then tday I went to my favourite place in the world so far ( not having travelled that much (yet) this still stands at number one.) The ever wonderful n magical Suomenlinna! 

Very nice summery pics there for ya, which don't really even do it justice! 

N here some wintery ones I took meself:

I would've taken more but it was absolutely bloody freezing n my fingers were stiff & I was cursin the place to hell & gone cos it was sunday n none of the cafés were open n I kept hoping some sweet little old lady living on the island would come along and invite me into her incomprehensibly cosy n wonderful home n offer me tea n snacks n tell me stories. She'd be like a 100 years old n would have a crystal clear memory n show me pictures n tell tales. Aah, but it was not be.. But luckily I did find a tiny café that was indeed open n I went in all frozen n asked the girl for the largest possible cup of tea. To my surprise the place was half empty. Weird considering that the ferry was almost full of people n I imagine it wasn't the first or last to be so.. I wondered where all the unsuspecting n ill equipped tourists had gone n whether they'd frozen into icy statues to be found some time in the spring.. In actual fact most of the people I saw were very well equipped n it seemed I was the only fool not wearing enough. Tho I did have pretty much the warmest stuff I owned on at the time.. And very often it made me yearn for one of these:

I saw a dude on the train one day wearing, if not the exact one then one close to it, n on the island in the howling, biting
wind oh, how I wished I had one of these! Or somethin similar where you might break into a sweat just wearing a t-shirt underneath.. The horror! The horror! well, that may be a bit over dramatic but it was pretty fucking cold, I can tell you! 
But I felt very lucky to have found the place cos it would've been such a shame t have to go then cos I wanted to stay n dig the place n sit for a while n read n write in a nice cosy caff. It wasn't the cosiest spot I'd been to but it would most certainly suffice. So I sat there n drank my tea happily n wrote in my journal. Soon the place was closing so I packed my stuff n tried to wrap myself up as well as possible n faced the elements once again. I heard some people say the next ferry was departing in about 20 minutes so I took off. Rode back to the mainland n gave Ems a call n we'd meet at the book shop. Turned out they had a big sale n I bought I big bunch of books for under 20 euro's! Sweet!
I got:
- Goethe's Faust part 1
- Kerouac's Big Sur (tho I already have a copy this one had some extra bits n it was only about 3e..)
- A book about the Borgia's 
- William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury
and Franz Kafka's The Castle. Not bad says I! 

N now for yesterdays Krishnamurti s'il vous plaît: 

Have you ever wondered why human beings go wrong, become corrupt, indecent in their behaviour - aggressive, violent and cunning? It's no good blaming the environment, the culture or the parents. We want to put the responsibility for this degeneration on others or on some happening. Explanations and causes are an easy way out. The ancient Hindus called it Karma, what you sowed you reaped. The psychologists put the problem in the lap of the parents. What the so-called religious people say is based on their dogma and belief. But the question is still there.
  Then there are others, born generous, kind, responsible. They are not changed by the environment or any pressure. They remain the same in spite of all the clamour. Why?
  Any explanation is of little significance. All explanations are escapes, avoiding the reality of what is. This is the only thing that matters. The what is can be totally transformed with the energy that is wasted in explanations and in searching out the causes. Love is not in time nor in analysis, in regrets and recriminations. It is there when desire for money, position and the cunning deceit of the self are not. 

and today's one too:

Death is everywhere and we never seem to live with it. It is a dark, frightening thing to be avoided, never to be talked of. Keep it away from the closed door. But it is always there. The beauty of love is death and one knows neither. Death is pain and love is pleasure and the two can never meet; they must be kept apart and the division is the pain and agony. This has been from the beginning of time, the division and the endless conflict. There will always be death fro those who do not see that the observer is the observed, the experiencer is the experienced. It is like a vast river in which man is caught, with all his worldly goods, his vanities, pains and knowledge. Unless he leaves all the things he has accumulated in the river and swims ashore, death will be always at his door, waiting and watching. When he leaves the river there is no shore, the bank is the word, the observer. He has left everything, the river and the bank. For the river is time and the banks are the thoughts of time: the river is the movement of time and thought is of it. When the observer leaves everything which he is, then the observer is not. This is not death. It is the timeless. You cannot know it, for what is known is of time; you cannot experience it: recognition is made up of time. Freedom from the known is freedom from time. Immortality is not the word, the book, the image, you have put together. The soul, the "me", the atman is the child of thought which is time. When time is not then death is not. Love is. 
  The western sky had lost its colour and just over the horizon was the new moon, young, shy and tender. On the road everything seemed to be passing, marriage, death, the laughter of children and someone sobbing. Near the moon was a single star. 

Absolutely beautiful! 

Be well!

Lotsa lovin!


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