Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Fade in:

Int. Flat - Night. 

A somewhat drowsy looking fellow is sitting at a lap-top. Suddenly along comes, none other, than Mr. Crippling Insecurity!
(in fact an old enemy of drowsy man's friend, the good & the just & the heroic, Abey.)

                             Mr. Crippling
                     (with a nasty evil kind of smirk &
                       sarcastic tone.. )
               Pray, tell me Mr. C, what do you 
               think you are doing? Do you honestly
               believe that you can do something 
               worth while or in some way 
               important? Now, we've been through
               this before haven't we my dear man.
               Let's not get carried away with
               such foolish things shall we..

                             Mr. C

                  Just fuck OFF Mr. Crippling! 

Right, enough weirdness.. Here I am again n earlier on I had all these ideas flyin around n was really lookin forward t comin home to do some bloggin n have a good ol time with it. But now that I'm actually here, I don't really fancy it that much after all.. I guess it was all Mr. Crippling's fault.. In any case, I'm just fighting through here n tryin t get this done cos otherwise it's just gonna be forgotten n I'll just go "well, I'm not in the mood.." or "I haven't got time.." (but waste it on other stuff..) or I'll always want to write when it's not possible, like on the bus or in the middle of a busy day etc..  

So here's a few things I wanted to put out there (actually I'm kinda tryin to control myself in that regard, cos in some ways I feel like posting a hundred things a day, all the videos n documentaries n all sorts, but then I'd like to have stuff each day so I'm tryin..=)) 

First was.. well actually let's start with a bit of music:

I was diggin this this morning on the bus n got really into ol Led Zep again. Bonham in fact bein the main reason for me wanting to play the drums way back when.. He really makes them drums sing old Bonzo. Beautiful. 

He was an animal! Brilliant dude. 

Yes n the second thing I wanted to get there out was the amazing Bruce Lee! 

Yass, the man hardly needs any introductions!

Been diggin the dude since I was a wee lad. He was a really interesting guy & he's got loads to learn from! N not just how to kick peoples asses really well! He's much more than just kickin & punchin! 

I'll rummage round for some good quotes & I'll stick 'em up here soon.

This here is gonna be out soon n will be interesting to see...

N here's the interview from where the much quoted "be water my friend." comes from. (or at least the bit which is in the doc.. I think the original is in an episode of Longstreet..)

Fantabulous man indeed! More of him later. 

And then to another wonderful dude who went around town by the name of Jiddu Krishnamurti.

A very beautiful man indeed! N one of the things I thought I'd do would be to post a piece of Krishnamurti's journal every day. I put one up on FB a couple of days ago n thought I'd do the whole thing here. He usually started off with a description of nature around him n his walks n so forth n then he goes into what ever problem or thoughts he had at the time. So I'm gonna put down those thoughts for ya n you can do what you please with these. 

Here goes:

Krishnamurti's Journal 1973

Any form of conscious meditation is not the real thing: it can never be. Deliberate attempt to meditate is not meditation. It must happen; it cannot be invited. Meditation is not the play of the mind nor of desire and pleasure. All attempt to meditate is the very denial of it. Only be aware of what you are thinking and doing and nothing else. The seeing, the hearing, is the doing, without reward and punishment. The skill in doing lies in the skill of seeing, hearing. Every form of meditation leads inevitably to deception, to illusion, for desire blinds. It was a lovely evening and the soft light of spring covered the earth. 

(thought I'd leave the last bit in there anyway..=)) 

N that was the first of his entries. 

I'll finish off with a strange little poem, I guess you could call it, I wrote on the bus one day last week. It probably doesn't make much sense.. I just let go n this is what came out:

                        Oh the sour smelling
                        symphonies of
                        sound. & the 
                        manyfold pretty
                        petite ribbons of 
                        gold n dust hangin
                        from dirty old trees
                        in the growing grey
                        brown dusk of our
                        days.. Solitude
                        soulstreams of
                        abundent thoughts
                        on dreary white    
                        clouds swiftly
                        wofting away these
                        simple queens n
                        riders of silent
                        suburban frosty

Until we meet again!

Lotsa lovin


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