Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Fade in:

Int. Flat - Night. 

(In fact that whole setting is startin to be a bit dull.. Let's try..)

Ext. Sunny beach hut, somewhere tropical - Day.

A young man, DASHed handsome, is sitting at a table in a comfortable beach hut looking out on a perfectly turquoise sea, clacking away at a typewriter. He is dressed in comfy linen clothes & next to him he has a nice cup of tea, which despite the tropical setting is very refreshing and actually cooling. 

(There! Much better!=) )

Soo tday I didn't go to work. I got up a bit late n ate n just kept thinkin I really don't want to go to work tday n I was feelin pretty awful, really exhausted n nauseated n frustrated n just ghastly. So at the last moment I decided to text my boss (who's also my best friend..) that man, I just can't make it today I feel worse than shit I'm takin a day off. Luckily it was pretty quiet at work but I still felt he'd be enormously fucked off with me. But I thought I'll just have to take his wrath n deal with it. Then he sent me an "ok" message (literally just "ok") n I thought, right, he's really, pissed off. But a moment later he texted again sayin he was sorry for the short reply, he was at the wheel n hope I felt better soon etc. Such a sweet ol guy! So I went back to bed to try n shake this darn nasty feeling off. 
Cut to: a couple of hours later.
I got up n still felt a bit weird. I finished my Fante book 

Brilliant stuff again! Tho not quite as good as Ask the Dust or Wait Until Spring, Bandini 

But still great! He's a master. Beautiful. 

So anyways I finished that n felt better soon. Then we went t Helsinki to get some foodstuffs n to a lecture at the archeology department, with the title:

An Anachronistic Dead End. Phenomenology and the Study of Embodiment in Archaeology. By Visa Immonen

So I was pretty much goin in there not expecting to understand a bloody word! But it was all very interesting ( at least the bits I actually paid attention to.. I kept wandering off on my own thought flights..) not that I can necessarily repeat what was said.. But it seemed to be about how.. well dare I even go into it? Maybe you should ask my girlfriend.. in fact, maybe I should ask my girlfriend! But I think it was about how archaeologists can figure out how people might have felt what they may have thought back then, by trying to experience it they way they did (or might have done..) by goin t certain places n figuring out what it was like then etc. 
n it was all very interesting n made me think about studying n a whole bunch of other stuff too. 

Then we got home n made food n M came t pick up Roosa n here we are. 

Now the daily Krishnamurti quote:

It is good to be alone. To be far away from the world and yet walk its streets is to alone. To be alone walking up the path beside the rushing, noisy mountain stream full of spring water and melting snows is to be aware of that solitary tree, alone in its beauty. The loneliness of a man in the street is the pain of life; he's never alone, far away, untouched and vulnerable. To be full of knowledge breeds endless misery. The demand for expression, with its frustrations and pains, is that man who walks the streets; he is never alone. Sorrow is the movement of that loneliness. 
  He only discovered recently that there was not a single thought during these long walks, in the crowded streets or on the solitary paths. Ever since he was a boy it had been like that, no thought entered his mind. He was watching and listening and nothing else. Thought with its associations never arose. There was no image-making. One day he was suddenly aware how extraordinary it was; he attempted often to think but no thought would come. On these walks, with people or without them, any movement of thought was absent. This is to be alone. 

(the second paragraph isn't next in the text but I thought it explained things pretty well..) 

That's all folks! 

Lotsa lovin!


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