Thursday, 26 January 2012

No fading in tday.. 

Too tired..

Just wanted t post ol Krishnamurti's thoughts:

When you are driving, meditation seems to come so naturally. You are aware of the countryside, the houses, the farmers in the field, the make of the passing car and the blue sky through the leaves. You are not even aware that meditation is going on, this meditation that began ages ago and would go on endlessly. Time isn't a factor in meditation, nor the word which is the meditator. There's no meditator in meditation. If there is, it is not meditation. The meditator is the word, thought and time, and so subject to change, to the coming and going. It's not a flower that blooms and dies. Time is movement. You are sitting on the bank of a river, watching the waters, the current and the things floating by. When you are in the water, there's no watcher. BEauty is not in the mere expression, it's in the abandonment of the word and expression, the canvas and the book. 
  He was a short man, lean and hard of muscle: he had come from a far away country, darkened by the sun. After a few words of greeting, he launched into criticism. How easy it is to criticise without knowing what actually are the facts. He said: "You may be free and live really all that you are talking about, but physically you are in a prison, padded by your friends. YOu don't know what is happening around you. People have assumed authority, though you yourself are not authoritarian." 
   I am not sure you are right in this matter. To run a school or any other thing there must be a certain responsibility and it can and does exist without the authoritarian implication. Authority is wholly detrimental to co-operation, to talking things over together. This is what is being done in al the work that we are engaged in. This is an actual fact. If one may point out, no one comes between me and another. 
  "What you are saying is of the utmost importance. All that you write and say should be printed and circulated by a small group of people who are serious and dedicated. The world is exploding and it is passing you by."
  I am afraid again you are not fully aware of what is happening. At one time a small group took the responsibility of circulating what has been said. Now, too, a small group has undertaken the same responsibility. Again, if one may point out, you are not aware of what is going on. 
  He made various criticisms but they were based on assumptions and passing opinions. Without defending, one pointed out what was actually taking place. But--.
  How strange human beings are. 

Indeed.. (concerning that last line..)

Gnite! I'm out..

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