Thursday, 2 August 2012

Late night cup of coffee in
round the corner night café 
Lonely guy sitting alone all
and tired
empty & hurt..
Over the counter he listens to
couple going over their evening
& thru their night.
And he wonders
where is his love
his life?
Sorrowfully he stares
into his half empty coffee cup &
soon lights another cigarette
Behind the counter the
proprietor washes the last
tiredly, he awaits the 
moment they leave...
Outside in the moody
darkness heroes meet their
doomy ends..
The loner pulls his hat
down & sinks on his stool
Another butt
another coffee
time to go soon..
To another dreamy day
another half empty night,
another one way street..
The girl sitting & smoking
says to the john 
they should go..
Dark side-town streets
in the depressing quiet night
await for yet another 
cold, abandoned footstep..
the couple talk about their remaining time
& the loner 
wonders about the
mysteriousness of the 
ever growing
never ending

Chris A.d.M

(written for an english class held by Mr. KG in 2005...)

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