Monday, 30 July 2012


saw On the Road yesterday & it ain't bad! No siree, I
was very positively surprised indeed. 

Here be a song from it. Got me all goosebumpy=) 

I'ma big fan of On the Road n first didn't really wanna see the picture coz I thought it'd ruin the whole thang for me but I don't think tha's happend.. least I hope so.. Just startin off on the Original Scroll version.. 

this my favorite cover.. 

But anyhoos, really made one wanna get on that ol road & explore & adventure & discover.. Maybe one day I'll get to great grand America & cut across that vast land in the footsteps of good ol JK...

dig life! 

Lotsa lovin!


1 comment:

  1. on the road... I done got the same worries about ever seeing it! gah! think im gonna avoid it tho'... and the same for the great gatsby! I'm na be all like "gatsby go home!"